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Our Approach

Rooted Relationships & Intentional Growth

Our work is about much more than money — it’s about helping creative and passionate individuals turn their dreams into reality. Each client has unique goals and needs, but in general, we follow a three-phase approach.

Phase IDecide What to Plant

Whether you’re a young entrepreneur or an established executive, we want to know you as well as we know your finances. That’s why our first step is to ask what kind of life you want to cultivate: What are your wildest dreams, greatest hopes, and most pressing concerns for the future? From there, we can create a plan that aligns with your vision and values.

Phase II Prep the Soil

We’ve been told that our superpower is that we grasp the big picture but also thrive in the details — we identify the tree you want to plant, choose the right nutrients to make it thrive, and help it take root in the soil. We work with your other advisors to identify creative solutions to protect and maximize your finances.

Phase III Tend the Branches

In Phase lll, we help you implement your plan and then monitor your progress as you grow. We communicate frequently, so as the seasons change and you have questions or need guidance, we are ready to help you prepare the ground for new growth.